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About Us

Zookal was created by university students in Australia in 2011. After personally experiencing the pain of expensive textbooks, the founders decided that they would create a better option for students. Here was born the idea of textbook rental, allowing students to save up to 70% off on their required course materials - saving students hundreds and even thousands of dollars throughout their degree.

Having started the company to positively impact the lives of university students and quickly grown to serve hundreds of thousands of students in Australia, the founders have now dreamed of even bigger goals — leveraging technology to enhance the modern university experience for students. Zookal’s new video platform will allow university students throughout Asia to share knowledge and discover the supplementary educational resources they need to learn faster and be more successful.

Meet the Zookal Tutor Team

Tey Shiwei

Hazel Yong

Tam Zhi Yang

Sharon Lee

Celine Chong

Pranav Venkata

Jonathan Yeo

Gai Win

Zher Yin

James Loke

Wilson Tan


Pheeraphol Chew

Yeu De

Edward Ong

Weng Leong

Yap Deep

Sing Maan Tan

Stefan Putra Lionaar

Collin Chang

Ng Kok Choong

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